What Makes Elev8Life Distinct?

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders TODAY!

Elev8Life focuses on tools for personal growth and serving leadership, which in turn leads to social and emotional maturity. We specialize in developing transformational curriculum, facilitating high-impact training, and cultivating an environment for exponential multi-faceted growth.  Our leaders practice closing the Knowing-Doing gap as they discover their IDENTITY and learn to live with PURPOSE. There is no greater impact than seeing younger generations become adults who are able to DEVELOP their strengths, LEAD as servants, and SERVE with purpose.

Vision. Mission. Purpose.

VISION: To see generations of serving leaders experience freedom from social, emotional, physical, and spiritual poverty, confident in their identity and living with purpose.

MISSION: Equipping teens through adults to discover their identity and live with purpose through transformative personal development programs and educational resources.

PURPOSE: Achieve local, national & global IMPACT through emotionally and spiritually mature adults who DEVELOP their strengths, LEAD as servants, and SERVE with purpose!

Family Advocate

Elev8Life is a 501C3 not-for-profit educational foundation. We were created to inspire, train and elevate the lives of teens through adults, positively impacting families, communities, and beyond.