2019 began in a way that would makeGod smile. What better way to testify to the glory of God than “serving leadership” and “unity of the faith”? 

On January 3rd, three ministries came together in unity and the heart of Christ was on full display. 4Kids, a ministry to the most vulnerable children and families provided the venue, Rangers of Christ, who disciple men into strong godly leaders, and Elev8Life, which provides opportunities for the next generation to discover their identity in God and walk in their purpose as Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, locked arms.

They co-sponsored Dr. John Stahl-Wert, a preeminent global leadership author and trainer, whose focus is the “Serving Leader,” a model of leadership plucked from the Bible. He presented a message of living and leading with purpose. His teaching was filled with testimonies of lives changed when leaders take on the ways of Christ in their organizations, as the characters in his leadership novels portray.

The synergy of the event was supernatural. As God would have it, one of Dr. John’s novels, Ten Thousand Horses© (Barrett-Koehler 2007), depicts serving leadership in action at a foster care ranch, whose slogan is “Every Child a Hope, Every Child a Home” mirroring 4Kids’ mandate, “A Home for Every Child.” The night ended with the next generation coming forward for prayer. They were commissioned to live as Serving Leaders, laying their lives down for others.

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