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The Women’s BIO Conference is a 1 day conference and an invaluable resource for the lives of many women!

Join us for:

  • phenomenal speaking
  • delicious brunch
  • stimulating conversation
  • fabulous door prizes
  • networking
  • and much much more

REGISTER HERE!   Space is limited.


Our lives are a tapestry woven together piece by piece intermingling with the lives of others revealing how much we affect those around us.

This dynamic women’s conference nourishes the lives of many women who desire to live their life with purpose!

The divine design of what our calling is and the act of discovering what we were created to be must align with what we do.

Our daily choices and activities can bring divine destiny to us!

Vendor spots are available. For more information call: 954-607-1516

Remember: There is greatness in you. That is what makes you beautiful on the inside.

It’s time to walk in your destiny and radiate your purpose therefore manifesting your beauty on the outside!

Sponsored by Middayfamily.com & Fitmommyklub.com

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