Elev8Life’s passion is to guide, teach, and mentor.  We look to serve people through experiential learning, often in collaboration with other leaders and their organizations.  Scholarship funding is an important part of what we do to help as many people as possible be elevated along their journey in life.

iDENTIFY IMPACT  trains TLT Candidates to become Tomorrow’s Leaders Today who will rise above average and live with excellence.

SERVING LEADERSHIP is a hallmark value in all that we teach and do.

TLT have periodic opportunities to make an impact in the lives of others while they grow, learn and even earn service hours.


TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today serve their communities in various ways and for a broad spectrum of organizations and their events.

To name a few:

  • LeaderLabs/LeaderCast
  • Profiles In Leadership
  • National Christian Foundation
  • LifeWorks Leadership
  • Big Cardio / Big Children’s Foundation
  • Hephzibah House
  • Covenant Village / senior living community
  • Elev8Life educational foundation
  • 1Nation1Day / Missions.me
  • Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Live2Lead
  • Real Life Children’s Ranch
  • Life-changing resources

  • Experiential training courses

  • Hands-on serving leadership opportunities

  • Teaching and mentoring programs

  • Educational travel and mission trips

  • Academic, social, and career counseling

  • Strategic alliances with accredited schools and universities

  • Collaboration with other leaders and organizations

  • Funding Assistance for educational programs

Too many adults spend years wandering aimlessly, never finding true fulfillment because they have never been trained to tap into their purpose. There is no better time to cultivate the seeds of greatness than in the energy and vitality of youth. Teens typically use common culture to define themselves and fall prey to constant comparison with others. Our desire is to strengthen teens into TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, capable of living to their full potential.

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